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Winterizing & Polishing of BHO Extracts

Winterizing & Polishing of BHO Extracts Butane, a popular solvent used in cannabis extraction, makes [...]

CBD Bioavailability

CBD Bioavailability   What is Bioavailability? The term “bioavailability” refers to the quantity of a [...]

Terpenes in Cannabis

An overview of the terpenes in cannabis. Introduction. Cannabis has been used for millennia as [...]

Cannabis Extraction Processes

Cannabis Extraction Processes Traditional botanical extractions aim to provide the extracts in a readily usable [...]

Decarboxylation of Cannabinoids

The decarboxylation of cannabinoids.   While the legal status of cannabis can vary significantly, extracts [...]

The CBD Extraction and Purification Process

The CBD extraction and purification process The extraction of Cannabis plant material and the purification [...]

Cannabis Concentrates

What are cannabis concentrates? Cannabis concentrates are the cannabinoids of the cannabis plant that have [...]

Fractionation, Concentration & Downstram Processes

Stage 7. Fractionation and concentration of CBD from the cannabinoid-enriched material. There are a number [...]